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Recovery Facility
Live in a Comfortable
Keeping clients safe and settled is the highest priority of Safety Net Recovery of North Carolina. We provide each patient with secure, fully furnished apartments with high-speed Internet, cable television, a fully equipped kitchen, and fresh linens. You will rediscover yourself as you relax in a healthy environment, located conveniently in the warm suburbs of Charlotte, North Carolina.

A Structured, Comfortable Community


Keeping You on Track

To reap the benefits of staying with us, you must be willing and able to embrace the recovery lifestyle based on spiritual principles. All you need to bring are clothing, food, toiletries, and a willingness to recover.

Our Services

• Community Meetings

• Interactive Journaling

• Life Skills Groups

• Relapse Prevention

• One-On-One Counseling

• Age-Specific Programs

• Fun Monthly Community Outings

Our Facilities

• Fully Furnished Apartments

•  50-Inch Flat-Screen TV With Cable

• Complete Cardio Gym

• Swimming Pool

• Tennis Courts


Client Requirements

• Six Month Commitment Recommended

• Level System Curfew Compliance 

• Participation in Community Groups 

• Attendance at All House Meetings 

• Willingness to Recover

• Attend Two Men's Only Meeting per Week

• Actively Working a Program of Recovery 

• Proper Hygiene at ALL Times 

• Follow all Aftercare Requirements 

• Follow all Posted Rules and Regulations

Fees for Services

Clients may pay for our services by cash, check, or credit card (Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express).

• $1,000 Admission Fee

•  $2,250 Monthly Fee

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